Volunteer projects of SPAR and VolWest Group
On this page you will find all the latest information about our volunteer initiatives and the results we have achieved thanks to our own funds, donations and assistance from SPAR International and SPAR organizations all around the world.
Our projects
Assistance Center for Temporarily Displaced Persons
The Center is located in “Adrenaline City” (Lutsk, Karbysheva, 1) and provides two options for settlement:

  • temporary stay (it is possible to accommodate up to 500 migrants free of charge);

  • long stay in Art Hostel "Adrenaline". There are 12 rooms in the hostel with 84 beds, and 12 rooms in the hotel with 26 beds.

Received funding from charitable foundations in the amount of €706.0 thousands.
people received shelter
thousands of funds raised
Humanitarian aid to the people of the most affected cities of Ukraine
SPAR International has been cooperating with SPAR Ukraine since the beginning of the invasion. SPAR International has established a unique support fund, which has been actively joined by SPAR partner countries around the world.

We have already received 407 tons of humanitarian aid from SPAR partners in the amount of €445.7 thousands. Aid continues to be delivered.

Aid was handed over to: Kharkiv, Mala Rohan and Mala Danylivka (Kharkiv region), Zvenyhorodka (Cherkasy region), Chernihiv, Malteser International (Lviv), and others.
tons of humanitarian aid
thousands of funds raised
Support for animal shelters
During the war, our people never cease to amaze with their courage and care not only for their loved ones, but also for our “younger brothers”. Even in difficult situations, during evacuations, the owners do not abandon their four-legged friends.

Our partners from SPAR International also support us in caring for animals and sent us 127896 kg of pet food, which we sent to the animal shelter "Sirius" - the largest shelter in the Kyiv region.
127 896
kg of pet food
3 000+
Field rations for the Armed Forces of Ukraine
32 026 field rations have been formed for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Territorial Defense, Special Forces, which are in the hottest points of hostilities, in order to provide them with a full-fledged nutrition.

Help was received from foreign partners, SPAR International, legal entities and individuals, the charitable fund Razom for Ukraine, and others. The project is managed by teams of Nash Krai and SPAR Ukraine retail chains.

Packing is carried out by employees of all investment projects of VolWest Group.
32 026
field rations
thousands of funds raised
First-aid kits and tactical medical backpacks
Today, our army is in need of high-quality first-aid kits, as this is the basis for saving soldiers’ lives.

All necessary medicines for the first-aid kits came partially from our foreign partners, partially were purchased by us at our own expense, and were received as charitable assistance from pharmacy chains, legal entities and individuals in Ukraine.

Packing is carried out by medical staff of Behealthy family clinics and volunteers.
first-aid kits
million of funds raised
tactical medical backpacks
Tactical Combat Medical Training Course
One-day training course, which includes:

  • Tactical medicine - theoretical and practical part.
  • Medical training from a team of medical instructors: assistance with injuries and traumas; practical work of each participant with mannequins in small groups.
  • Handling weapons - working with a Kalashnikov under instructors’ supervision in small groups.
  • Psychological exercises of self-regulation of mental state.

We wrote and published a book "Tactical Medicine" edited by Viktor Korsak with a circulation of 2 000 copies. We are working on an improved and updated 2nd edition of this book.
people trained
5 000
books on tactical medicine published
thousands of funds raised
Production of tourniquets
The production of tourniquets was established on the basis of the NGO "Technopark “Medical Innovation Center". We have developed and tested the prototypes, and now manufacture 200+ tourniquets daily.

26 252 tourniquets have already been manufactured and transferred for the formation of first-aid kits and tactical medical backpacks.
Art Battalion
The Korsaks’ Museum of Ukrainian Modern Art has launched an art marathon that will last until our VICTORY.

By attending art events, participants can not only develop their aesthetic intelligence, gain new experiences and sublimate negative emotions, but also distract from the problems of our nowadays and replenish their strength.
2 910
Combat Rescue Sling
We manufacture combat rescue slings for emergency evacuation of injured soldiers from the battlefield in conditions when medical stretchers are not available, or their use is not possible.

Despite the simplicity of the design, in skilled hands it turns into a universal tool for evacuation, which can help to solve the following problems: evacuation of the victim from under fire, transportation from the place of injury to a safe area, transportation over difficult terrain, transportation in the absence of stretchers.

The sling has a length of 6 m and is equipped with special carabiners that can be fastened to the victim's equipment. Technological protrusions on the sling allow you to use several tactics to evacuate the victims.
evacuation slings
Immobilizing Splint
In the case of fractures and dislocations of the upper or lower limbs, they should be immobilized in order to prevent further displacement of bone fragments and, as a result, injury to other tissues and organs.

We have established the production of MIC (Medical Innovation Center) soft splints for immobilization of limbs and equip tactical medical backpacks with them.

The splint is made of a thin plate of aluminum covered with a layer of insulating polyurethane foam material, so it is light and compact.

The MIC splint has no sharp corners, is comfortable and functional, bends in any direction and does not break during deformation. It keeps its shape well and allows you to securely and accurately fix injured areas during first aid.
immobilizing splints
Donate to SPAR Ukraine (NGO Medical Innovation Center)
Help us provide the Armed Forces of Ukraine and communities in need with essential supplies
2. Company details to pay in EUR
Company Name: Medical Innovation Center
IBAN Code: UA853052990000026003040805599
Name of the bank:
Company address: UA 43023, Volyn reg., Lutsk, Karbysheva str. 1

Correspondent banks
Account in the correspondent bank: 400886700401
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank: COBADEFF
Correspondent bank: Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Account in the correspondent bank: 6231605145
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank: CHASDEFX

3. Company details to pay in USD
Company Name: Medical Innovation Center
IBAN Code: UA503052990000026003020805508
Name of the bank:
Company address: UA 43023, Volyn reg., Lutsk, Karbysheva str. 1

Correspondent banks
Account in the correspondent bank: 001-1-000080
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank: CHASUS33
Correspondent bank: JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York ,USA
Account in the correspondent bank: 890-0085-754
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank: IRVT US 3N
Correspondent bank: The Bank of New York Mellon, New York, USA
All donations will be used to implement the projects listed on this page. In case of non-implementation of these projects or residual, the funds will be used for other projects of the NGO "Medical Innovation Center". By making a donation, you agree to the offer Agreement. The amount of the donation is non-refundable.
1. Donate via whydonate.nl:
UA 43023 Volyn Region, Lutsk, Karbysheva Street, 1
Email: info@spar.ua
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